Crowned Eagle Gallery

Although somewhat smaller in size and wingspan than the Martial Eagle, the continent's largest eagle, the Crowned Eagle is certainly Africa's most powerful bird of prey. With massive talons and strong hindlegs, this forest-dwelling eagle is capable of killing a wide range of mammals, including smaller ungulates like Bushbuck. Recalling the Harpy Eagle, the apex avian predator of South America, the Crowned Eagle is mostly sedentary, taking a stealthy still-hunt approach from its perch on a tree branch. Unlike the Harpy Eagle, it makes a noisy display flight to mark its territory, making it much more likely to be seen on a birding trip. Aimee and I encountered this spectacular mating pair on our first day at Arusha National Park, not far from the Ngurdoto gate. We watched them from the car for an hour as they stalked a troop of monkeys, perhaps the highlight of my time birding Tanzania.

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