South Beach, Dar es Salaam: August 29, 2010

As you head south along the coastal road after crossing the mouth of the harbor on the ferry, Dar ends abruptly in a series of resorts lining beautiful white-sand beaches. The farther you go, the more exclusive these resorts become, until you reach the pristine peninsula upon which Ras Kutani and Amani Beach hotels are located. On Sunday morning, Aimee and I meant to explore this region further than our previous visits to the region, but the allure of the beach on a sunny morning is sometimes too much to ignore. Eventually, we resumed our journey after a refreshing swim and delicious lunch, reaching well-preserved coastal scrub, woodland, and grassland. Activity was low, as expected, but we did find a busy group of Little Bee-Eaters. The private beach is supposedly excellent for shorebirds, as well as the Fish Eagle and Palm-Nut Vulture, which we’ll hopefully observe next time on a prearranged day visit to Amani Beach ($25 per person with full access to the facilities).

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